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Bringing dreams to life through quaility photography

When you're looking for a photographer it's for a reason. You want the best quality for your money. Whether it is a simple headshot for your business cards or a full blown portrait session to capture those memories for years to come. Regardless you want something high quality thats memorable and not cookie cutter. That is exactly what Fort Collins photographer Kevin A. Loyd provides.

If you just want wedding photos you book a wedding photographer. If you want portraits you book a portrait photographer. Thats exactly what you're going to get some wedding photos and some portraits to hang on the wall. If you want great photos though, images that will actually catch peoples eye as they walk past it on the wall. You go with a Photographer. I don't classify myself as a landscape, wedding, portrait, real estate, or any other type of photographer. I am just a Photographer. I don't have one genre that I shoot over and over. So there is no cookie cutter rut for me to fall into. I come at every project with a fresh eye. I don't want to give you the same thing I give everyone else. I want to give you what you want, something unique, something that stands out from the crowd.

I grew up in Yuma, Arizona and moved to the Northern Colorado area in 2000. I have always had a passion for photography. To me there is nothing better than capturing that perfect moment or perfect scene on film. In 2014 my love of photography and the help of my very supportive friends and family led me to open my own photography business, Surreal Renditions Photography in Fort Collins Colorado. I am looking forward to sharing my experience and services with the community that inspired me to take the leap and make a dream come true.

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